Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Exclusive Celebration Pack: It's Hot! Poses by Sleepy-Genius

While doing this pose set, I was nervous. This is my first time ever doing poses. So hopefully everyone will like them.

First Photo: The sim is sitting, legs crossed, fanning herself.

Second Photo: The sim is in a ANTM type pose where she has one hand on her hip, and is either wiping sweat or blocking the sun from her face.

Pose tutorial: orangemittens
Pose Player: Cmo
AnimToolV05: Wes Howe
S3PE: Peter and Inge Jones
Adult rig for Milkshape: Mesher
Adding Pose tags: Cloudwalkernz

Top by [honestly, I forgot. :( ]
Bottom by Icia
Shoes by Meronin

download @ Cstyles

Also, if you want to look at the other custom content included in this pack, you can click here. There are a lot of great content to view and download. You don't have to register to download, and its a free site. :)

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