Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pets Patch Problem.

As you know, problems always seem to follow EA. Well, no surprise that this new patch is like a virus. I'm done talking about it. I have not updated and I have not purchased Pets yet. I know I will have to update somethings, so I will, later. I want EA to fix this crap. Apparently things in CAS like makeup, clothes, etc work fine, but anything the sims interact with including poses, basically any and everything in Buy and Build Mode, there are problems.

Just go to these links. They will help I think. And good luck with your game.

Important Must-Do before Installing Expansions

Patch Problems
(read the whole thread, lots of answers there)

Spoiler! What's in Pets?

First Impressions

Apparently, you can have collections like with Sims 2 (should have had it earlier)

I'm basically just copying links from this forum. There are lot of other links that may be interesting to you.

Grant Hess created a problem to fix the broken CC. This may have been talked about in the second link I posted. It is still in beta mode, and it does back up your CC. For more info, and ask questions:,1298.0.html#msg1995

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