Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pleasure Lips :D

Version 1

Version 2

Pleasure Lips.

The first lips I have done. I am proud of these. I like these because they plump your lips up a bit.
The model's lips are not that thick. The lipstick does that. I didn't want it too shiney, however you can do whatever you want when you are in CAS.

Two versions. One is more liney(?) than the other. The first one is the liney(?) one. The second is the one that is  less liney(?). I blurred the specular and overlay a bit.

Download:    Version 1    Version 2


  1. Beautiful,going to check in game now! Thank you for sharing this XD! <3

  2. Thank you. The other ones will be better. They say it is good for a first time.

  3. Wow this lipstick is great! Her lips looks eatable!

  4. Always have to start somewhere. I see good things coming from you in the future! =D

  5. These are excellent!

  6. ^_^ Thank you everyone! I will continue to try my best, though I still feel like a newbie. Well, I am.


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