Monday, October 3, 2011

Update: October 2011

Thanks to all that voted in the poll that I had, concerning my sims. So my with that said, my main download will be SIM files from now on. Sorry to those that wanted the SIMS3PACK file, the people voted, and I will listen to the people. I know that sounds lame, but yeah.

  10 (37%)
  7 (25%)
  3 (11%)
Doesn't matter
  4 (14%)
Neither. I don't download custom sims.
  3 (11%)

Votes so far: 27
Poll closed 

So I my third generation has not grown up yet. They are still kids, toddlers, and babies. Matthew Jr and his wife have just now gotten pregnant with their first child.

Since this blog is still dedicated to my "legacy" (in quotes because I am doing it my way, sorry), I will update pics and things. I have pics of everyone and their spouses. I am thinking about uploading their spouses because I had to redo them... a lot. I will do another poll for that. I find that people don't like to comment, so I will do polls, just one click!

Also, I am brain fart moment and I am in school now, but very soon I have new things here. As of right now, I am trying to follow my friends' tutorial on how to lipstick, so I want to try to do that. And I want to make more poses, maybe some eyeshadow. I'm still stumped on how to do clothes. I haven't found the right tutorial for it yet, so if you know of a good tutorial, please put in the comment. :D

Um, is that it.....? Hmmm..... :-|

Yeah for now. If you read this, thanks for reading. Sorry that it was long.

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  1. Hey sleepy XD! You can always compress two files,1 sims3pack and 1 .sim file into 1 file and upload it that way.That way peeps can get both files and decide which one they want to install....thats how I do it,it takes a few extra minutes to compress and the files actually get smaller :) Anyhoo,just a thought XD!


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