Monday, January 2, 2012

Meghan Santiago

This is Meghan. Her parents are Kyra Renea and Ian Santiago.


Age: Young Adult
Astrological Sign: Leo
Celebrity Status:  (Thanks to his parents, especially her mother.)
Favorites: Pop, Dim Sum, Lilac (purple, period)
Traits: Absent-Mindend, Excitable, Bookworm, Family-Oriented, Easily Impressed
Lifetime Wish: Master of the Arts
Bio: Meghan is classy and sophisticated. Growing up, she listened to an abundance of music, of any genre, language, and instrument. She knew automatically what she wanted to do; to become a musician. While others like Bach, she like Simapchu (shi-maap-chu, made up name) because he was different and went outside of his comfort-zone to create great music. After college, she immediately got a job as a concert clarinetist and flutist. Meghan helped other people who were confused or just had trouble feeling the music they were playing. She got used to helping others, so she because a teacher of music because she didn't want music with heart to go disappear with the new and upcoming generations.

If you don't want to download all of the content, just PLEASE at least download the skin and sliders. Thank you.

Custom Content
☺☻☺ Everyday | Formal | Formal Shoes☺☻☺

☺☻☺ Eyes | Hair | Formal Hair | Skin (but download here) | Cover Blush | Lips | Eyebaggage (but download here) | Eyeliner | Eyebrows | BloomBase Male Feet Replacement ☺☻☺

☺☻☺ Facial Sliders by Ahmad | Head Shape Sliders by Jonha | Breast Sliders by Delphy | Lip Thickness Slider by Jasumi | Chin to Neck Slider by Heiret | GEOM Slider Set "Nose Septum" by aWT | Chin Width Slider by GnatGoSplat ☺☻☺

The Sims 3: Fast Lane, Generations

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  1. She's stunning, definitely downloading :D <3


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