Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Elton Baumer

This is Elton. His father is Benjamin Sekemoto.
More description below.

Female sim: Phoenix by Jaedub

Female sim: Phoenix by Jaedub


Age: Young Adult
Astrological Sign: Libra
Favorites: Crepes, Indie, Spiceberry (shade of purple)
Traits: Coward, Diva, Easily Impressed, Inappropriate, Rebellious
Lifetime Wish: Rock Star
Bio: Since his father, Benjamin's dream failed to completely take root globally, he was musically forced to pursure something that would make his father proud. Eventually that plan of his father's backfire, and Elton became somewhat of a rogue, and secretly cowardly. At first it was all fun and games, but later he began to do more harmful things which let him to his harsh rock diva-ish lifestyle he has now. Elton wants to be a god-like rock star and make everyone love him and his music, granted he probably has the best voice in rock history, but his attitude sucks; girls love that. Unfortunally, while his was trying to get a certain female's number, a sudden meteor struck them, and they were both instantly killed. (I'm glad I saved his sim and sims3pack files. :) )


If you don't want to download all of the content, just PLEASE at least download the skin and sliders. Thank you.

I use Twallan's Master Controller.


Everyday Outfit: Base Game (Purple and White Outfit)
Everday Top by Darko: \(*_*)/
Everyday Bottom by Aikea Guinea: \(*_*)/
Formal Top by Aikea Guinea: \(*_*)/
Formal Bottom by Aikea Guinea: \(*_*)/
Sleep Bottom by NewOne: \(*_*)/

Skin and Face
Skin by Ephemera (sunny): \(*_*)/
Hair by Lapiz: \(*_*)/
Eyebrows by Sage (Number 6): \(*_*)/
Eyes by Steadyaccess: \(*_*)/
Eyebaggage by KittyKlan: \(*_*)/
Cover Blush by KittyKlan: \(*_*)/
Lips by IN35: \(*_*)/
Spiked Bracelets by Aikea Guinea: \(*_*)/
Piercing by Sleepless Angel: \(*_*)/
Feet Replacement by Bloom (not necessary, but nice to have): \(*_*)/

Facial Sliders by Ahmad: \(*_*)/
Head Shape Sliders by Jonha: \(*_*)/
Breast Sliders by Delphy: \(*_*)/
Lip Thickness Slider by Jasumi: \(*_*)/
Chin to Neck Slider by Heiret: \(*_*)/
GEOM Slider Set "Nose Septum" by aWT: \(*_*)/
Chin Width Slider by GnatGoSplat: \(*_*)/

Download Sliders

Expansions / Stuff Used: The Sims 3: Late Night


Download .sim and .sims3pack files

Thanks to all the creators for their work!!

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