Monday, April 22, 2013

In case you missed it! (EA Island Paradise Live Show) & small update

Hey everyone!

So in case you are one those people who missed the livestream show of Island Paradise (like me), here it is.
I am watching it now as I post :)

And yes, I am definitely going to get this; already on my short-term bucket list.

Watch live streaming video from electronicarts at

Also, for those people interested in my sims, I will be updating my older sims this summer, so that they be compatible with the new patches, and have them packed with less stuff. I will still use the same sliders I always use. Sliders are addicting!

Also, I haven't been working on sims stuff for a while because I am a freelance web designer now. I have finally finished with my first paying client! Hopefully, my second paying client will be ready soon. I say paying because I am also working on my Aunt's websites, and those are for free. Speaking of sites, I have must update this site. I have the design somewhat planned out, but I have to work it out with Blogger's coding. AND I am working with the admin of Cstyles Sims 3 Forum, Cece, to give the forum a ravishing design update, so that is going to be fun.

I will releasing a new pose pack soon, and maybe a sim (male). Someone requested that I do a sim for the some time ago, but I have not given him/her the sim yet. She is in my sim bin, but still needs a bit of editing. The secret project I have been working on since January has not been going well for me, so I am going to ask for help...again. The modder who has been helping me is very patient and nice. Thank you so much!

So, I guess this it is for now. Thank you to everyone who still likes me. I will get better, and make myself (and you) proud.

Until next time!


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