Tuesday, December 5, 4000

About some content...

It was brought to my attention that some of Shyne's or other people's content that I have been using in my past sims have been removed or lost because the whole Megaupload thing, or just they were removed.

Please tell me if that is the case. I will be uploading my sim's content along with their download and sliders because things like this happen. I am sorry that they do.

I updated my " Links / Things That I Use " page with Shyne's Ruddy Cheeks & PoreSet1 in a download file I uploaded.

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Friday, November 21, 2014

400+ Simblr Followers Gift: The Traditional Rose Residential Lot

The Traditional Rose is a 1-story home that could be used for a small family. This could be used for a starter home for your world also.

The idea was to keep it simple. I figured that people would scrap the original design and redesign it to their preference. I'm not going to lie. Rose took me a while to finish because I couldn't decide on a landscape design. Plus, I'm not much of an interior designer either.

I believe this final version is a great start.

Lot Type: Residential
Lot Size: 20 x 30
Price Furnished: 66,524
Price Unfurnished: 46,005
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Game Patch: 1.67
Required EP/SP Furnished: Base Game, Ambitions, Outdoor Stuff, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Showtime, Seasons, Island Paradise
Required EP/SP Unfurnished: Base Game, Outdoor Stuff, Late Night, Showtime, Island Paradise

No custom content used in this lot.

DownloadThe Traditional Rose Furnished - | - The Traditional Rose Unfurnished

You know the rules, yes? No stealing, kicking, making your younger siblings cry, and so on. Be good, simmers!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Soul-Full Afro @ Mod The Sim

I finally! finished this hair. Thank you so much KittyKlan for letting me do this to your perfect hair.

I present Soul-Full Afro.

Available for Download @ Mod The Sims.

Friday, November 15, 2013

It's Official

I am soon making a Tumblr move.

I couldn't keep away...

So in the meantime, I will not upload anything new on this blog until I am finished.

I will however, upload on MTS (if the accept it), so look out for me there. :)

I will also post newer versions of my previous sims on that new Tumblr. The old ones have just faded out.

Hopefully, because of my frequent tardiness to the Sims 3, people still follow me. Life just gets in the way.
I finally have a new job! And may move to a new place soon. ^.^

Please be patient a bit more.

Thank you.

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