Tuesday, December 5, 4000

About some content...

It was brought to my attention that some of Shyne's or other people's content that I have been using in my past sims have been removed or lost because the whole Megaupload thing, or just they were removed.

Please tell me if that is the case. I will be uploading my sim's content along with their download and sliders because things like this happen. I am sorry that they do.

I updated my " Links / Things That I Use " page with Shyne's Ruddy Cheeks & PoreSet1 in a download file I uploaded.

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  1. Female Gun Poses. I desperately need those poses from my sim series. And I would be highly appreciate if reuploaded the download link for me. Thank you. :) Love ur Blog to pieces. <3

    1. Thank you for liking those poses.
      I have added a link to download on the post.


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