Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kyra Renea the Traveler

Age: Young Adult
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Celebrity Status: ★★★★★ (Thanks to her parents; and overseas travels)
Favorites: Shawarma, French, Green
Traits: Bookworm, Easily Impressed, Light Sleeper, Neat, Photographer's Eye
Lifetime Wish: Seasoned Traveler
Bio: Her parents knew they were in trouble when their daughter wanted to spend nights in the art gallery. Kyra Renea loved the gallery. So many great photographs of everything imaginable. She especially loved the photos of far away lands and hoped that one day she would travel to see everything that she had seen in the gallery...and she almost has. Just because she couldn't go to these places when she was a kid, didn't mean that she would not cause many headaches and sleepless nights reading about them. Learning is always a good thing.

Custom Content
☺☻☺ Everyday; Shoes | Formal; Shoes; Earring | Sleepwear Top; Sleepwear Bottom | Athletic | Swimwear ☺☻☺
☺☻☺ Hair | Eyebrows | Skin (EA default) | Lipstick | Blush | Eyes | Body Sliders (all of them) ☺☻☺
The Sims 3: World Adventures, Outdoors
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