Friday, September 23, 2011

How is everything?

Alright, before I get even more addicted to the sims and making stuff, I wanted to thank everyone who has visited and downloaded anything from here, I wanted to ask a few questions concerning my downloads.

Please feel free to comment. I will open for anon users, and there is always a 'however' and 'if', meaning I will block anons if I start to get, um, trolling.

If you don't like something, please go to this page to know what I expect in your answer. I don't mind critique, but be nice about it. So the questions I wanted to ask are:
  1. Do you like this things I put here? Why?, if you can.
  2. If you have downloaded anything I put here, did it work for you? Any mistakes?
  3. Anything else about the blog you want to ask about? Ask anything you want, nothing immature please.

So that is what I have to ask so far. I just want to make sure everything works well.

Also, please do the poll to the right of this post. Thanks so much!!

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