Friday, December 9, 2011

Javier Clavell

Age: Young Adult
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Celebrity Status: ★★★★ (Thanks to his parents, especially his mother, Sophia.)
Favorites: Stir Fry, Hip-hop, Aqua
Traits: Frugal, Over-Emotional, Couch Potato, Friendly, Nurturing
Lifetime Wish: Professional Author
Bio: Javier is a simple guy. He doesn't like trouble, so he tries to say out of the way. When people look at him, they would think he were a celebrity or something. But no, he is just the hot guy who happens to live next door. He wanted to be an educator, but decided after a few years that he would rather teach a broader range of people than just the class he taught. So if his mom, he became an author. He writes broadly from mystery to non-fiction.

If nothing else, PLEASE download the sliders and the skin.

Custom Content

☺☻☺ Everyday | Swimwear ☺☻☺

☺☻☺ Eyes | Hair (except for Formal) | Skin (Strawberry) | Lips | Eyebaggage | Pores | Piercings | BloomBase Male Feet Replacement (not really required, but looks nice) ☺☻☺

Facial Sliders by Ahmad:
Head Shape Sliders by Jonha:
Lip Thickness Slider by Jasumi:
Chin to Neck Slider by Heiret:
GEOM Slider Set "Nose Septum" by aWT:  
(his site my be invite only, it wasn't before : / )

The Sims 3: Outdoor Stuff, Town Life, Late Night

Download Sliders

Download .sim and .sim3pack


  1. He has a really attractive face and i like his features very unique sim ^_^

  2. Thank you! :)
    Sorry about before. Thanks for posting again.


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