Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lily Liu

This is Lily Liu. She is model I made for Romantic Rose Lipstick. I just edited her a bit.
She is not apart of my generational family that I have been posting all this time...yet.


Age: Young Adult
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Favorites: Red, Lobster Thermidor, Classical
Traits: Charismatic, Light Sleeper, Lucky, Mean-Spirited, Snob
Lifetime Wish: Super Popular
Bio: Lily Liu, a fabolous spoiled brat who is beautiful. It's not mean to say that; she, herself, would describe herself as such. She was raised by her aunt (mother's sister) after her mother died when she was a kid. Her and her dad were never the greatest friends, even before he mysteriously disappeared after the funeral. She loved her mother with a passion, being the kind, loving, care-free type of person she (her mother) was. It was very traumatic for her. From a nice, sweet little girl grew a selfish, fire-spirited woman. Well, she is not all mean; just never mention her past. She throws her energy at her artwork (hobby) and at her now career, a guidance counselor. Shocking, not only to her, but to people who know of her. Just because she suffered as a kid growing up doesn't mean other people have to. She has begun to take shape and control of her attitude to become a better person, not only for her mother, but for herself as well.

Everyday Outfit by Rusty Nail: \(^.^)/
Formal Outfit by Rusty Nail: \(^.^)/
Sleepwear by Rusty Nail: \(^.^)/
Sleepwear Shoes by Cbon73: \(^.^)/

Skin (Skin F1.0C) by S-Club: \(^.^)/
Hair by CoolSims: \(^.^)/
Le Pallette ~ Hair Colors (optional) by Anubis360: \(^.^)/
Eyebrows by Jessica_2020: \(^.^)/
Eyes by Shady: \(^.^)/
Eyeshadow by Gosik: \(^.^)/
Eyeliner by Gosik: \(^.^)/
Cover Blush (everyday) by KittyKlan: \(^.^)/
Blush (formal) by Gosik: \(^.^)/
Lipstick by Sleepy-Genius: \(^.^)/
Default Feet Replacement (optional, free registration) by Bloom: \(^.^)/

Facial Sliders by Ahmad: \(*_*)/
Breast Sliders by Delphy: \(*_*)/
Lip Thickness Slider by Jasumi: \(*_*)/
Chin to Neck Slider by Heiret: \(*_*)/
GEOM Slider Set "Nose Septum" by aWT: \(*_*)/
Chin Width Slider by GnatGoSplat: \(*_*)/

Download Sliders

Expansions / Stuff Used: The Sims 3: Base Game




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