Friday, July 15, 2011

The Beginning...Odine Perry

This is Odine Perry.  She is, well was, living with this family, the Litters.

I think that she was adopted, or someone to just live there to watch the children.  She seemed to enjoy it, for some time.

Odine decided that it was time to pack up and leave, but before she could do that, she needed a game plan.  Don't want to leave broke now do we? Smiley

Now's the time to go and mingle with the people-folk of Bridgeport, specifally the "in-croud" and leave that cheating husband wannabe-lover alone and find yourself a S-T-A-R Emoticon


1. Find a party and crash it; get very friendly with the host...whom turns out to be... 

Matthew Hamming, 4 star celebrity (or 5 start...idk) on his way to be a superstar actor! He is goregous!

Odine made his party great!

2. Leave happy! Smiley

boytoy lifesavings boyfriend secured.

Ever since she has been with Matthew, she has changed... for the better I think...


All paid for by Matthew of course!!

Wait until you see the wedding?? Did I take pictures? I don't remember...
OK, the kids definitely! 

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